Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Bar Cake

In Ireland we had this chocolate bar called a Star Bar. It was tube shaped and was stuffed with crushed roasted peanuts and some other sort of stuff, that was mushy, then wrapped in caramel and after that it was wrapped in chocolate. I was the only one, of my friends and family, growing  up that actually liked this bar.

It was so tasty and I am convinced that the stuff inside was some form of factory made, rough and ready peanut butteresque mush with magical powers... Mmmmm... I loved them.

They are called Moro Peanuts now. Sake. Not Star Bars.

And no... They are not the same.

Moving along... Turns out that peanut butter is one of my favourite foods in the world. In the whole wide world in fact, so it was going to be an easy, no brainer, that peanut butter frosting would be another favourite food of mine. I could live on the stuff*.

The chocolate cake is the very same recipe as the cake here only I halved the amounts stated. And the peanut butter frosting is the same as the frosting from here, only I doubled it to yield a bigger quantity. I probably had a little too much frosting (scoffs... too much, really?) But it kept well in the fridge and I used it on cupcakes a few days later... No waste 'round these parts!

Have a great Tuesday y'all and as always, thank you so much for popping by!

*I couldn't. It would kill me eventually, but dammit I'd die trying!


  1. MMMMMmmmmm I've just pinned this to my creative desserts board. Peanut Butter Icing? I'd eat it all in one go!
    I'm trying to ease off of my sugar addiction, so perhaps... just a tiny lick?
    Looks great Hazel!
    Tammy x

  2. I could shove my face in that cake right now - it looks soooooo good! All the elements I love.
    I remember Star Bars too. Do you remember Wunder Bars tho?!

  3. Mmmm, I totally agree with you about Star Bars. So nice! And this cake looks gorgeous too

  4. Oh this cake looks amazing! We have something in common...peanut butter! I love everything about it but wouldn't you know that my son has a peanut allergy!! I hope one day he will grow out of it so that I can make yummies like this. Maybe I could try it with sun butter?? Oh well.... I hope you are well! Thanks for sharing another masterpiece friend!!!

  5. Oh Hazel - I have just had a lovely catch up here and am now VERY hungry and in need of cake, urgently. I love anything peanuty (I am mad about Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and was SO excited when Sainsbury's started stocking them as, until a few years ago, they were only available in the US) and your cake looks divine, as always. Your boob cupcakes were brilliant and the maple pancake ones...oh my. Massive cupcake cuteness. xx

  6. OOOh lovely. I have never thought of peanut butter in frosting but I am definitely going to try that. Great post. Jo x

  7. Dear me Hazel...more and more temptation!! You make the most incredible cakes. The Boob cakes are fantastically original :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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