Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Aren't these just the cutest!

They were a very special order for the fabulous midwives over in our local maternity hospital. They are from a very proud new Momma to a baby boy, oh boy! And she wanted to treat her midwives to something nice to say thank you for helping her along her way!

The brief was cute and boyish and I couldn't resist the urge to practice some more fondant making. I used Nigella's cookie cutters to pop out shapes and then used the tip of a writing nozzle to make the holes in the centres. Hey presto, you have pretty buttons! 

They were so simple to make and the results just look super cute, if I do say so myself. 

The cupcakes are blue and white to match the fondant theme and they are different flavours too. There whites are my plain ol' vanilla and the blue ones are coconut cream (I'll have that recipe coming very soon!). 

I hope the midwives like them, I'm sure they'll enjoy one on their break with their well deserved cuppa!! Maybe even throw an impromptu Tea Party in the staff room... oh wouldn't that be nice? 
I think every work place should throw a tea party once a month in the staff room. I bet you staff moral would rise a gazillion percent!

I defy anyone to tell me they wouldn't like Cake and Tea once a month in the staff room...

Thank you my lovely readers for being so patient with my lack lustre blogging and slow as you go efforts. I am slowly working out a schedule that gives me that elusive work /life balance.

But most importantly I have been spending time with my family. We've been very busy celebrating my boy Champ's first Birthday. Can you believe he's ONE already...


Where has that year gone!? I don't think a year has ever gone by so fast! Do you remember he was only born there... um... yesterday!!!??

    The Bump Champ!                           The Boy Champ!                        The Dinosuar Champ!


  1. Well these are just as cute as a .... BUTTON!! You've become a pro with the fondant decorating Hazel. Amazing display of cute & sweet. I'm sure those midwives will be asking for your card after sampling these delights. A big Happy First Birthday to your cheeky Champ!! He looks older than 1 in that dinosaur costume. Happy Tea Party Tuesday!! Wendy x

  2. Oh wow, Hazel - these are truly gorgeous! I'm sure they will be enjoyed tremendously - after they have been ooh-ed & aah-ed over. Time does fly, can't believe little Champ is a year old already.
    Have a happy week,

  3. Oh sweet friend!!! The year does go by way too fast! My little Norah is a year and I'm feeling the same way! How cute is he in his costume?!? And so glad you have been taking time with your family....especially with your work schedule. Now on to these cupcakes!!!!! They are gorgeous!!!! The buttons hands down are awesome and I seriously have never seen anything cuter!!!! A job well done as always! You take care and it was so nice to see you today with another amazing creation!!!!! Nicole xoxo

  4. Oh he's one already?! What a darling! Little toddlers are just the best :-)

    Your cakes look amazing Hazel! I'm love the buttons - what a lovely treat for the midwives :-)

    Thanks for linkingn up and have a good week,
    Sarah xx

  5. These are too cute Hazel! What a lovely idea, they must have been delighted in the maternity :)

    What a fast year! Happy Birthday to little O xx

  6. Your little boy is so gorgeous, how quick the time flies. Happy first year to him.
    I love that the new mum decided to spoil the midwives with these special cakes. Such a great idea and I am sure they really appreciated them. Beautiful buttons and hearts xox Penny

  7. They're perfect! So is your boy!

  8. They're perfect! The buttons are so cute!

  9. I bet they loved them, so very cute.

  10. Hello, I just discovered your blog glycemic, wow, I love it, congratulations are lovely your creations!!!

    mmm ... adorable cupcake :P

  11. Those are the cutest ever! Thanks for the visit to Dolly is Cooking and i now follow you!

  12. Your cakes look fabulous, I love the blue & white buttons particularly and what a lovely idea to give them to the midwives. I'd love tea & cake at work every day if I could!

  13. You really are the most talented woman...

  14. How lovely of that woman to send cupcakes to the midwives! I bet they were VERY well received! As always I am in awe of your piping and fondant skills, you are a very talented lady. xx

  15. wow - great decorating idea.
    i'm sure these cupcakes were well received by the midwives :)


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