Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lego Cupcakes

I got an order... like an actual official cupcake order from someone I don't usually bake for!!

The Mom is a friend of the Mom I made the Oh Boy Oh Boy! cupcakes for...She'd seen my work... love it... and asked would I make little Lego Cupcakes for a party she was throwing for her Lego obsessed boys last weekend!

Would I?? Of absolutely course I would... The idea was totally cool to me and oh my gosh, have you seen how cute they look! The little green, square board is my favourite. I must have hand punched out over 100 little circles and then pasted them onto little green squares. The dots were so fiddly but so worth it because they really do look like little Lego boards! You know... if I do say so myself! 

Can't you just tell how proud I am of them? What's more is the Mom posted on the Cupcakery Facebook Page that the boys loved them and that to me is a bake, very well done! 

After making the cupcakes I had a hankering for something sweet and knowing I would have some batter left over from the order, I just dolloped a few (12 to be exact!) tablespoons of batter onto a baking sheet and allowed them to bake for about 15 minutes.

What I got in return was the best use of left over cupcake batter in the world. Yummy, vanilla, little sponge drops...

I filled them with raspberry conserve and left over coconut cream frosting that I had wrapped up in the fridge. To say they didn't last long is an understatement. They were gobbled down with pots of warm tea after dinner! Perfect puds after a hard days work...

I implore you to give it a go sometime. (You see those italics, that's how serious I am!!)The easiest and most tastiest of treats. You won't regret it.

And today is the first Tuesday in December folks... Santa is so close... I am so excited this year!

This year I am doing a bake stall at one of the local Winter Fairs with my friend Áine. It's on this Saturday and it's going to be treats and eats heaven! That should be heaps of fun!

Have a great day folks! Happy baking...


  1. The cupcakes are brilliant - way to go you for your first I don't know the person order!! You must have been so excited. Love your sponge drops too, so quick and easy and a great way to use any spare batter rather than the usual odd numbers of cupcakes! xx

  2. When I saw the tile of your post I was delighted, love anything Lego and these are just the bees knees. Just love love love them, well done and I am so pleased they went down a treat for you too.
    Great idea of the vanilla sponge drops, they certainly would not last very long her too ;o) Have fun at your stall this Saturday and let us see how it goes xox Penny

  3. What a clever Hazel you are! Love the Lego cakes and the sponge drops look gorgeous too xxx

  4. Yeah!!!!!!! That is awesome that you got that order!!!!!! I would be ordering from you all the time friend because your creations are amazing! And yes they so look like actual Lego boards!! Oh my goodness how cute! And I am loving what you did with the leftover batter... Those look like the perfect little yummy treats! Please post pics of the fair! That sounds like a blast! Way to go friend! All the best this week! Nicole xoxo

  5. Those are so cute! I can only imagine how fiddly it was attaching all the little circles but it's really effective. Congratulations on your first order too!

  6. Lego cupcakes! Wow I love them. My kids would go really mad if they saw them because thet too are Lego obsessed. So ingenious!
    Rosie xx

  7. I love Lego!! These are amazing cupcakes :)

  8. Well done you, you sound surprised but your cakes are wonderful. On my sort of baking level, I like the idea of the drop cakes and will try those because I have jam oozing out of the cupboard from this years allotment harvest. Jo x

  9. These are adorable Hazel & so well made! And so exciting on your first official order!! May there be many more to come :-)
    Sarah xx

  10. Ms. Hazel you are my favourite Cupcake Queen!! Genius! Love the Lego, and had I known you 3 years ago I would've flown you over here to make these for my Lego-fanatic-at-the-time son. We have so much Lego gathering dust on shelves in his room ... I like the Lego cupcakes because you can eat them and they're G.O.N.E. in one fell bite! The time you must've spent on these blocks ... I sure hope you were sitting down to work on them ... it must've taken hours. Well done! You are well on your way to the Cupcakery Bakery. Best of sweet fun at your Winter Fair (don't eat all the merchandise!). Wendy :D ... and the idea of blobbing batter on a tray sounds way too easy & indulgent ... x


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