Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Birthdays are the best!

My friends little boy celebrated his 2nd birthday and I was asked to make some Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes for the get together of little people! My little Champ (on the right above) and his big two year old friend had so much fun at the party!

But his wasn't the only birthday celebrated this week.

I myself, turned another year older and tried to celebrate low key, but "Birthday Services" were pulling out all the stops this year!

Presents in bed. Coffee to go ready in my cup. Breakfast birthday cake at work and yummy roast dinners served up like it was Christmas day.  But best of all... I was treated to some truly wonderful gifts.

The picture on the far right in the collage above, is an amethyst brooch handmade by my Dolly for me, for my birthday. She really is all kinds of the best of everything and oh my... how loved I feel.

I do hope your week is treating you kindly!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Hazel! Your special day sounds just perfectly fabulous, and just how a birthday should be. Here's wishing you many more...
    And the little MM cupcakes look so yummy too, and as for your pretty brooch made by Dolly - what a treasure she is. Xx

  2. Happy happy birthday sweet friend!!!! I love that you were treated to special treats on your day!!! How fantastic is that!! And your cupcakes are just so outstanding! Life is good isn't it?!?! Here is to a great year you! And your little guy is a doll!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Happy to you, I love the look of your cup cakes.

  4. Hazel they are great! My granddaughter would love them.

  5. Happy Birthday again my dear gorgeous friend!
    See you soon xx

  6. I've been very un-bloggy lately, and now feel bad that I didn't read this earlier to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day Hazel ... the brooch is amazing, what a treasure Dolly is to make such a beautiful piece of art for you. so sweet ;) My daughter's birthstone is also the amethyst. Your Mickey Mouse cupcakes are so cute ... and I love the shot of the little chocolately nose on your friend's son ... Champ is adorable ... great kiddie smiles :D Enjoy your week! Wendy xox


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