Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fondant Boobs... a how to!

This was the best and most fun request I think I have ever had on this here, little blog!

Jo Anne is a Lactation Specialist from Albany, New York and she teaches a class on lactation. To treat her students at the end of all their hard work, she wanted to make them something nice and thought the little boob toppers that I made for here would be perfect!

Jo Anne emailed asking for a tutorial on the fondant boobs.. so I figured what the hey... I just share it with all you all!

  • Picture 1: I used Wilton's Pink and Ivory to colour some white fondant.
  • Picture 2: In my tool box was a 1. mini rolling pin 2. large round piping tip 3. fondant and 4. a plastic balling tool.
  • Picture 3: 1. Cut out a piece of ivory fondant with the larger end of the piping tip and do the same with the smaller end on the pink fondant. 2. Roll the ivory fondant into a ball and flatten the pink, very gently, with the balling tool, or you finger tip. 3. Add a tiny drop of water to the back of your pink fondant and then pop the pink fondant on to the top of your ivory ball. Pinch off a teeeny amount of pink to make the nipple. 4. Shape it up as you like it... and repeat.
The beauty of these is that just like real boobs, no boob need match exactly the other and no boob pairing need be the same as the next! 

Hooray for boobs right!!


  1. What a fun idea, and I'm sure these would put a smile on her student's faces! Xx

  2. Hahahahaha!!!!!
    I love me some edible boobies!
    Your blog is so awesome!
    I nursed my kids... way to go to all the boobie feeders out there!


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