Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lemon Velvet Squares... but bundted instead!

It's the 20th of the month folks, which means I get to revel this months choosen cake by our group, the lovely Cake Slice Bakers.

The group this month, voted for a cake that was super soft and super light. "Lemon Velvet Squares" from our book Great Cakes by Carole Walter sounded like everything an old school tea shop dessert should be, but I didn't want to do them square so I pulled out my bundt pan, popped in the flavoursome batter, watched it rise and puff up like it should do in the oven. Hooray for baking going to plan...

Now I did make some changes to the original recipe in the book... The recipe called for orange rind and orange juice, but we like lemon round these here parts. So I just doubled the lemon requirement and really liked it!

The taste was sublime. So citrus and fresh.

I would have like the batter to be a little wetter, I think it could have done with some buttermilk but it's perfectly ok without.

The lemon sauce I put on it more than makes up for it.

I have to say that this book is growing on me. It's off to a very slow start for sure, but I will say this, this cake is the best so far.

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  1. I just love lemons in baking ... LOVE!! My mouth is watering looking at that lemon glaze ... mmmmMMM! I'm glad you doubled up on the lemon and ditched the orange, who thought orange would be good in a lemon cake?! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos Hazel. Wendy x

  2. You and Melanie were soooo smart to see the cake needed more lemon zest. Your bundt is beautiful, Hazel. Looks like you know how to make good choices!

  3. I'm a sucker for lemon desserts and baked goods...this looks so yummy!
    Have a good weekend,
    Sarah xx

  4. I agree, this is the best one yet. Hopefully they will get better and better. Your lemon sauce looks so good!

  5. Looks delicious, I love that glaze on top I can just taste it in my mouth right now hmmmm.

  6. Your cake turned out so delicious looking!
    I am glad it came out of the pan for you.

  7. Oh you are killing me with this one Hazel! Lemon desserts to me are the most wonderful things ever... Been a fan since I was a kid and this cake looks to die for! A job well done I must say! Hope your day is filled with wonderful things! Nicole xoxo

  8. We love any kind of lemony cake in our house too, this looks delicious!

  9. The lemon sauce is reminding me of lemon bars! My favorite! Glad this turned out great!

  10. Your bundt looks amazing, and I am loving your glaze - it almost looks like a lemon curd on top. This would be gone in no time in my house.

  11. I am so glad you're enjoying more and more each cake from this book as time goes... You really outdid yourself with that glaze... I agree with Felice... it's more like a lemon curd... I am sure it took it over the top! Great job Hazel!

  12. OMGosh, the lemon topping is absolutely DELISH! Screams SUMMMMMEERRRR!!!

  13. Oh Hazel, I just LOVE how your cake turned out in the bundt pan...what a clever idea! You're right, this book is starting to grow on me, too. This is the first cake from this book that I truly enjoyed. Here's to many more to come!!! :-)


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