Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vanilla Latte Cheesecake... Who's excited?

Oh my gosh I cannot actually cope with how the weeks are flying by. We are into the second half of february already and for love nor money I just can't fathom where the time is going.

Last week, my lovely husband went off to Texas to work and I was home alone with the kids. The weather decided to be unruly and 150kmph winds, lashing rain and hurricane like conditions whipped through our city, destroying the place, knocking over trees and causing power outages. It was like it was the end of the world for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon and the aftermath was something that has never been seen on our little island before!

We were without power for two whole days... "nothing" you seasoned bad weather fairers might scoff, but to me it was a total nightmare. Luckily my Mom and Dad had a gas burner and brought it over to us and we dined, one pot, in the candlelight, willing the power to come back on!

But once the power came back.. I baked. Like an addict with withdrawal symptoms, I baked to my little hearts content. I had some friends orders to make up (good thing the power came back) and over the past weekend I baked 13 dozen cupcakes, a Christening cake and this...

The most amazing, make it up as I went along cheesecake I have ever made. You may say, all that sugar has gone to her head, but folks seriously. This little recipe is a keeper!

One dozen very vanilla cupcakes exploded in the oven... they were a reject batch in my books. They were perfectly edible but just not pretty for frosting so I unwrapped them squashed them into the bottom of an 8 inch spring form tin and got to making my latte.

Vanilla Latte Cheesecake:

  • One batch of cupcakes, squashed into the base of springform pan. Or just make a batch of them in the pan. As in a cake... just bake it as a cake. 
  • 250ml double
  • 250gr mascarpone cheese
  • 80gr caster sugar
  • 450ml coffee made with milk (latte), cold

  1. Line the outside bottom of your tin with cling film, plastic wrap to prevent leaking.
  2. Make your latte and when cold, pour 200ml of it over your cake layer, soaking all the sponge.
  3. Whip your cream, mascarpone and caster sugar until smooth and well incorporated. 
  4. Slowly add the latte and whip until the consistency has reached thick but smooth.
  5. Scrape the cheese/cream mix out onto your cake layer and smooth out the top.
  6. Let it chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours, but overnight is best until it is set up.

Dust with cocoa powder and serve.


Have a great Tuesday folks....

With all the humming and hawing of last week... 
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  1. Sorry to hear that you have been having a grim time of things, I hope that all is back to normal now and that it stays that way!! xx

  2. 2 days without power is no joke! Thank goodness for your parents and I am glad you guys are ok! And as for this beautiful creation...that is exactly what it is! If I could reach through the screen and eat this right now with a warm cup of tea I would!! It looks divine! And 13 dozen cupcakes?!?!!? That is just insane friend! Ha! You are amazing! A cheery day to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Stop. It. Stop it! That looks amazing!

    Gosh, the weather over there sounds awful. I am glad you are all ok! x

  4. Oh wow - a cheesecake base that's actual cake?! That's amazing! Looks and sounds absolutely delicious. If I had an exploding batch up cupcakes I would have thrown a strop and put them in the bin, clearly I need to learn to think on my feet! Just discovered your blog and I look forward to reading more! x

  5. Your cheese cake just sounds so good, I have printed it out.

  6. Yummy ... I love the cake base for cheesecake ... so much nicer than rock hard biscuit ... Bee xx

  7. Mmm this sounds divine!! I just popped over to your blog to grab your apple pie bottomed cinnamon crumble cupcakes to make again as I've lost the recipe!
    I hope you haven't been having any more bad weather!!

    Sarah x

    PS thanks for linking in xx


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