Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pancake Tuesday Cupcakes

I know I have shared Buttermilk Cupcakes with Mini Pancakes before but being the day that is in it I thought I would share them with you fine folks again.

I feel like I have been lacking in my blogging this past while. I have just been so busy with so many things I want to tell you all about, but can't yet. And it's driving me insane!!

I just feel I have come to this crossroads and I don't know where to go. You ever get like that? I have been baking, a lot, so it's keeping me so very busy, but in an incredible way. I cannot wait to be able to share all the goodies I have lined up to show you.

Patience young padawan, patience.

It seems the year is running away with itself... from what felt like the longest January in the history of Januarys to a February that just whipped by... There it went, 28 days, gone! And now, BOOM! It's March. Spring is rearing it's pretty head, the storms have finally abated and the days are starting to stretch. It's actually bright when I get home in the evening!

I am hoping that your part of the world is keeping you happy and safe.

Will you be partaking in "Pancake Tuesday"? I am a fan of the thin crepe like pancakes, with nutella and dessicated coconut. Dinner this evening will be unashamedly sweet and not too wholesome! How do you like to eat yours?


  1. Wow! I love the idea of the cakes with mini pancakes on top!
    Looking forward to pancakes for tea tonight..... :-)

  2. I had forgotten how adorable those pancake cupcakes were, so cute! For pancake day I'm a thin crepe person as well. Banana and golden syrup is probably my favourite filling, although banana and nutella is excellent too. (Clearly I like banana, haha!)

  3. These look amazing pal!!! You are a true professional!!!! I am so wanting to know what is happening!!!!!! I can barely wait as I think it is going to be amazing for you!!!!!! I do hope we don't have to wait much longer!! You have a great week friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Those mini pancakes are so cute! The little drizzle of syrup really finish them off. My pancakes didn't work this year, not sure where I went wrong. I am not a huge pancake fan but always make them for my other half - he is a simple lemon and sugar guy! Ah well, better luck next year for me I hope! Maybe I will try them in cupcake form next time!


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